Midwest City Soccer Club
Rules of Competition

We are committed to providing you with a fun and fair game. It is for this reason that we use only US Soccer Federation licensed referees on our matches. We follow The FIFA Laws of the Game (updated annually) with modifications for Youth Soccer. If you have any questions about The Laws, their interpretations, or the modifications, please contact our referee department (referees@mwcsoccer.org) for clarification.

The Laws, Interpretations, and modifications for each age group are listed below in order of the broadest scope to the narrowest. In the event of a conflict between two laws/rules, the law/rule with the narrowest focus will win out. Clicking on each title will provide you with a copy of the current publication.

  1. IFAB/FIFA Laws of the Game -
    1. These are the internationally accepted rules of soccer. They are the same from the professional leagues around the world all the way to the youth games down the street. Youth Organizations are allowed to make the laws more restrictive to facilitate fair play in youth leagues, but they cannot be made less restrictive.
  2. US Soccer Advice to Referees on The Laws of the Game
    1. This publication gives us official interpretations on some of the "grey areas" of soccer directly from the US Soccer Referee Program. It does not change any of The Laws, but allows us to better understand their intent.
  3. Youth Soccer Modifications-
    1. U5-U8 Rules of Competition

Oklahoma Recreational League Policies and Procedures

Oklahoma Soccer Association Competitive Policies

As always if there is any confusion or questions about these laws/rules, interpretations, or the order of precedence, please contact the referee department via e-mail (referees@mwcsoccer.org).

Thank you, good luck, and have fun!