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Updated 7/8/2015

MWCSC Complex Rules
No Smoking, Pets, Glass Containers or Alcohol!
Park on PAVED  parking areas only!   Grass parking will get towed!

MWC Soccer Club Referee Program

Upcoming Classes -

  • Midwest City Soccer Club has completed its Fall 2015 Class Schedule.

Referee Development -


Meet your new MWCSC Referee Staff

The Midwest City Soccer Club is proud to present its new expanded Referee Staff. Pictured from left to right: Richard Russell (Referee Assignor), Ginger Casler (Referee Trainer), Dillan Casler (Referee Trainer), Thomas Eddy (Referee Trainer), Jeremy Herrmann (Director of Referee Operations). Our staff is diligently working to ensure that we maintain a development oriented program to provide the highest quality of referees to our members. Our staff fosters an environment of continual growth and learning. 

If you have any questions about our program or refereeing in general, look for the Maroon and White Referee Department Shirts out at the club, or contact us below.

Referee Department Staff:

Director of Referee Operations:
Referee Assignor: