Midwest City Soccer Club
Special Announcements


ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System

Remember how much fun it is to stand around concession looking at weather apps or feeling our arthritic joints trying to figure out if we need to suspend games due to lightning?? ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Well, not much longer!!!!

We applied for and have been awarded a grant for a new ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System!! We will have a sensor, strobe and siren installed on our building that will notify us when to leave the fields and when it is safe to re-enter the fields.

Not only will this cover our soccer complex, but within the grant application, we included a siren and strobe for the golf course and swimming pool that can work off our sensor!! Our sensor coverage will extend into Regional Park, including all of the recreational practice areas out there, playground, softball fields, and basketball courts!! If you haven’t noticed, Steed Elementary is right next door. Yep, covers that too!!

This is no janky, fly by the seat of your pants system.. This system is used by USL, PGA, TAFB, college universities, and even NASA... Yes, NASA!! Not on the moon, but earth!! ��‍♂️

We will push to try and get this installed before this storm season, but no guarantees as of yet. But it is coming and we are super excited to offer another safety feature for our players, parents, and coaches!!


Interested in what the future holds for our club with the passing of the go-bond??

After a couple meetings with the city, HERE is what we have proposed.

Hoping building improvements will start next year(2019). The rest may be 2-3 years out as money comes available from the bond and other projects take precedent.

We want to make use of all the fields and lighting we are being given, so let’s get the word out that we are the club to join!!

We are very excited for the future of our club and the possibilities these upgrades will present. Thank you again to all who voted yes!!