Midwest City Soccer Club


  At Midwest City Soccer Club, our coaches are the most recognizable leadership that most people will see and as such, ideally, we want to be able to provide the best coaches that will be able to teach the fundamentals to the children in the best way possible.  That being said, as a volunteer run organization, it is important to remember that our Recreational program is made up entirely of volunteer coaches. Each coach is required to complete a background check through State channels to ensure maximum safety if offered.  That's just one avenue that we provide to make this the best experience we can.  We've tried to look at our organization from many different perspectives to come up with what we think is the best solution to that end.

  In our club, we have a designated, Director of Coaching (called a DOC for short), who is overall responsible for ensuring our coaching standards are at their best.  Our DOC is Quan Tran. He was hand selected to perform this duty based on years of experience with youth soccer.  He wears many different hats for the club and does a lot of things. As a coach, you should feel free to call upon Quan at any time for assistance. As a parent, please feel free to reach out to Quan for any questions you may have.  He also has his own dedicated page on this site.

  Throughout our three levels of play, Competitive, Academy and Recreational, below you'll find a listing of our outstanding staff coaches.



Jake McCoy- USSF D
Jared Origi - USSF D
Troy Teel - USSF D
Paul Karnes- USSF D
Levi Karnes- Staff Coach
Lexi Shepardson- Staff Coach
Kennedi Breuklander- Staff Coach