Midwest City Soccer Club

 2018 Spring Men's 7v7 League
Registration now open HERE!!
$75 per player
Women are welcome to play in the Men's league
Must be 17 prior to Jan 1st, 2018
We have pushed signup date back
Teams are now being formed and games start soon

Spread the word. Adult flyer

If you have a team that only wants to play COED let us know.
If we can get enough interest in coed, we would gladly form the league.

Adult 7v7 Rules (updated 6-7-2016) Here

Registration is $75
per player.
$25 of every registration will go into our
youth scholarship fund.
Registration includes referee fee.
Maximum roster of 13.

8 game minimum played on Sunday's
Between 1-5pm

If you have formed a team,
email adultsocccer@mwcsoccer.org the coach/team name
Make sure your players put team name
or coach in coaching request box near end of registration.
Teams may be requested to accept new players.
We won't force a team to accept players, but would be nice.
If you need players, let us know.