Midwest City Soccer Club

Equipment Exchange

The Midwest City Soccer Club is proud to have an equipment exchange program. If you have an old pair of cleats, shin guards, socks, or shorts that don't fit your player anymore, just drop them in the exchange box located at the concession building.

If you are unable to afford new soccer equipment for your player, the equipment will be left in the box in the main building. So if you need an item, take the item. We are using the good faith plan on this, so please only take what you need, not what you want to sell on Ebay or your favorite Facebook garage sale.

Understand that this is a program will always need your help in making it a success, so dig through your closets and bring up what you can. The box will be left in the main building 24/7, so if the club is open, you can drop off.

There are still several sizes of cleats and shin guards
We even have some chairs left from fall season lost and found
So stop by and take a look.