Midwest City Soccer Club

2018 Patriot Cup
Even though we had some heavy rain,
teams stuck it out and came out to play.
Hope to see everyone back in 2019!!


First place
U8 Boys bracket A- MWC Vision maroon
U8 Boys bracket B- NOKC 2012 boys red
U9 Boys- NOKC 2010 boys white
U10 Boys- NOKC 09 boys black
U11 Boys- ODA Tulsa blue 08
U12 boys- Energy Central 07 white
U15 Boys- Lawton blue 04/05
U10 Girls- NOKC 2010 girls red
U12 Girls- Chickasha ECL United
U15 Girls- NYSA Celtic West 03

Runner ups
U8 Boys bracket A- NOKC 2011 boys black
U8 Boys bracket B- NWO Bravos
U9 Boys- MWC Vision 2010
U10 Boys- MWC Fusion 09 Barcelona
U11 Boys- MWC Vision 08
U12 Boys- WSA Arsenal 07
U15 Boys- OKC United Lopez 04
U10 Girls- MWC Fusion 2010
U12 Girls- NEOFC 07 blue
U15 girls- Wildcats 03G(txn)

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