It is the responsibility of each team to play their games as scheduled, however we all know that things come up and life happens. For this reason, MWCSC has established the following policy for reschedules. 

NOTE: Reschedules must be approved by the League Scheduler and failure to follow this policy may result in a forfeiture of the match involved. 

This policy is governed by the MWCSC Bylaws 307 Section 2.

In the event that your team requires a match to be rescheduled you should follow this procedure:

  1. Login to your team's schedule in GotSoccer and locate the game that you need to reschedule.
  2. Click the "Chat" button for that game.
  3. Using the Chat feature, work with the opposing coach to determine an agreeable reschedule date and time as well as an alternate. 
  4. Both coaches must say that they agree to the date in the chat before submitting the reschedule (These chats are logged by the system and serve as proof of the agreement to the reschedule)
  5. Once both coaches have agreed, send and email to reschedules@mwcsoccer.org with the GotSoccer game number, your name, the agreed upon date and time for the reschedule, and confirmation that the opposing coach agreed to the reschedule. 
  6. The request will be reviewed by the Rescheduling Committee and if there are no conflicts then you will receive a confirmation email that your reschedule has been approved.
Note 1: Each team is allowed only 2 reschedules per season

Note 2: Falsifying reschedule approval is ground for match forfeiture and additional disciplinary sanctions

Note 3: If you have tried to contact a coach through the Chat function and they have not replied within 48 hours, please contact the reschedule committee at reschedules@mwcsoccer.org for assistance.

Note 4: In any dispute relating to the reschedule of the match, the League Scheduler will have the final authority to resolve. If both coaches cannot agree upon a rescheduled match time, the League Scheduler may place the match on their behalf. Finally, any match played outside of the scheduled date, time, and location, without approval from the MWCSC Board of Directors may result in match forfeiture.